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Roofing Contractors in Hayward, CA

Don’t know much about roofing?  We are here to help you. At ELM Roofing Contractors, we understand that most people do not have day-to-day dealings with the roofing industry. Finding the right contractor or even knowing what type of work is required for your roof, can be confusing and may leave you not knowing where to start. Our experienced Hayward, CA roofing contractor team and friendly office staff are here to answer any questions you may have. We offer free on site consultations and are always only a phone call away, for any tips or advice. Here are some tips to get you started:


This ensures that you have hired a specialized roofing contractor
and not just any general building contractor.

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Roof Replacement

Roof replacement should not be taken lightly. It is a major project that requires a high level of responsibility and skill. Working with the right contractor will determine the success and safety of the project.

Roof Repair

When it comes to roof repairs, time is money. If ignored, a leaky roof can lead to structural damage, wood mold, and even create a fire hazard. Prompt repairs will prevent further damage and avoid needless expenses.

Roof Inspection

A roof inspection can detect early signs of damage, leaks, drainage problems, and prevent potential safety hazards. In addition, it can extend the lifetime of your roof and save you time and money in the future.

Commercial Roofing

Our Hayward, CA roofing contractors team is built from some of the most experienced, professional and extremely responsible roofers, in the Bay Area. We have the knowledge, skill and manpower to fulfill all your commercial roofing requirements. Our professional roofers can handle any size of project and any type of roof.

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